Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov took part in the XXIV Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum

During his working visit to Saint Petersburg, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov took part in the work of the XXIV Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. Igor Krasnov spoke at the session “Delivering on national development targets” on the topic “Trust in national jurisdiction as key to economy development and business protection”.

The event was also attended by the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Armenia Arthur Davtyan, Rector of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) Victor Blazheev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprombank Elena Borisenko, and Presidential Commissioner of the Russian Federation for the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights Boris Titov. The session was moderated by the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev.

“Our meeting has to do, I think, with a question which is very important for the development of the economy – the trust in national jurisdiction. Without that, it would be hard to imagine healthy competition and favorable investment climate. As the head of a supervisory agency, I am well aware of the special mission of the prosecution bodies in creation of this trust. And I think it is, first of all, in ensuring a coherent legal framework and law enforcement. Last year, we contested more than 32 thousand legal acts issued in violation of the law and, in one way or other, obstructing business activity”, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov noted.

The Prosecutor General of Russia emphasized that it is important to seek building of a system which guarantees continuous observance of rights of businessmen, first of all, by further adjustment of the appropriate legal framework.

“In less than a month, a new law on the state and municipal control, which was drafted with our participation, will come into effect. It introduces into the legal framework new forms of communication of an inspector and a businessman, such as monitoring purchase, spot check, raiding examination, inspection visit; and, which is important, they have to be approved by a prosecutor”, Igor Krasnov stated.

Summing up, the Prosecutor General of Russia drew the attention of the participants to the fact that the trust in national jurisdiction is the basis for economic growth and development. Impartial functioning of the Russian legal system in many respects determines the state of business activity in the country. The key task of the state is to respond promptly to global changes which are occurring in various segments of the economy.

“We must offer business an optimal, transparent and effective rulebook in a rapidly changing market. Digital technologies offer great opportunities for business, but they require constant improvements in the legal system, and in this regard, it is important to build an open dialogue with representatives of the business community”, Igor Krasnov said.

Participants of the session discussed what the Russian economy will look like in the post-pandemic era, what strategy for protecting national interests in the digital sphere will be the most effective, as well as what the national jurisdiction should be in the context of the rapid development of the global digital space.

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov will also attend the plenary session with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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