The owner of a chain of tire centers Andrey Smyshlyaev was extradited from Italy to Russia

At the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, the competent authorities of the Italian Republic will extradite the businessman Andrey Smyshlyaev to Russia.

He is accused of committing a crime provided for by Article 196 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (deliberate bankruptcy) and Article 159 (7) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud connected with intentionally not fulfilling the contractual liabilities in the area of business activity, on an especially large scale).

According to the investigation, in December 2015, in the city of Ufa, Smyshlyaev, being the direct head of the company “Trek”, committed actions which knowingly entailed the inability of the legal entity to satisfy in full creditors' claims under pecuniary obligations in the amount of more than 2.8 billion rubles to the creditors, in particular to a tax authority of the Department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the Republic of Bashkortostan, by gratuitous alienation of material assets. By a decision of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan of 02.03.2016, the Limited Liability Company “Trek” was adjudged insolvent (bankrupt).

Furthermore, in 2014 – 2015, Smyshlyaev, acting as the general director and the only participant of the Limited Liability Company “Russhina-Tyumen”, having a distribution agreement and sale and purchase contract with the Limited Liability Company “Nokian Shina”, misled “Nokian-Shina” as to impossibility to make a payment in due time for the production which had been earlier turned over by the latter and moved funds and real estate objects out of “Russhina-Tyumen”, as a result of which he acquired the property of “Nokian-Shina”. Afterwards, he conducted a number of transactions as a result of which the assets of “Russhina-Tyumen” became insufficient to satisfy a creditor’s claims in the sum of the principal debt of 1.1 billion rubles.

Due to the fact that Smyshlyaev absconded from the law enforcement authorities, a preventive measure in the form of detention was selected for him in absentia, and he was placed on the international wanted list. In May 2019, he was detained in the city of Como, Italy, and therefore the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation sent a request for his extradition.

Owing to the coordinated actions of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation and the organized close interaction with the competent authorities of the Italian Republic, in February 2021, it was possible to reach the positive decision on his extradition. The Minister of Justice of Italy granted his extradition.

Andrey Smyshlyaev will be delivered to Moscow accompanied by a special convoy.

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