The Conference of Heads of Prosecutor’s Offices of European States has been opened
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The opening of the Conference of Heads of Prosecutor’s Offices of European States on the topic “Role of the Prosecutor’s Office in Protection of Individual Rights and Public Interest in the Light of the Requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights” started with the address of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir PUTIN to its participants: “Despite the difference in your powers and the specifics of the national legislations, your offices are playing a major role in ensuring the priority of law in your countries, protecting civil rights and freedoms and the interests of the state and society. These basic goals and tasks not only unite you, but also highlight the importance of cooperation and meaningful professional partnership.”

Vladimir PUTIN continued: “During the next few days, you will be discussing a broad range of topics related to the role of prosecutor’s offices in the protection of civil rights in accordance with the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights”. Noting the utmost significance of the topic, the Head of the State said: “People and their rights and freedoms are the greatest value, and it is the duty of the state to create effective mechanisms for their unhindered implementation”.

Addressing the participants of the Conference, the President of the Russian Federation recalled that a federal law had recently been adopted that granted new powers to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia. It has to do with representing and protecting the interests of Russia in interstate agencies, foreign and international courts, and foreign and international courts of arbitration, including the European Court of Human Rights.

“I mentioned this before, but I would like to say it again: Russia is interested in developing the closest possible ties with the prosecutor’s offices of European and other states, and in promoting dialogue and cooperation within the framework of respected and influential agencies, such as the Council of Europe and the International Association of Prosecutors”, Vladimir PUTIN underlined.

The President of the Russian Federation expressed his confidence that such constructive interaction, including the exchange of information and the best legal practices, will help to more reliably protect civil rights and freedoms and to succeed in the fight against common threats, including those that are connected with the rapid technological and other changes in the society.

“I hope that during this conference you will adopt recommendations that will help to enhance the efficiency of prosecutors’ offices”, the Head of the State added.

Concluding his address Vladimir PUTIN wished the participants of the Conference fruitful discussions and all the very best.


Opening the Conference, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor KRASNOV thanked its participants for coming as well. Igor KRASNOV expressed particular gratitude to co-organizers – the Council of Europe, first of all in the person of Deputy Secretary General Bjørn BERGE and Director General of Human Rights and Rule of Law Christos GIAKOUMOPOULOS, surely to the International Association of Prosecutors in the person of its President Cheol-Kyu Hwang and Secretary-General Han MORAAL.

The Russian Prosecutor General stressed that acting beyond the criminal law sphere prosecutors actually implement human rights function, which is relevant as never before in the society.

He stated: “As regards Russia last year alone, our supervision activity resulted in recovery of the rights of more than 1 million people.

Relevant measures concerned maintenance of social guarantees, provided to families having many children, orphan children, law-income persons, those who lost their jobs during the pandemic, pensioners, as well as ensuring free and high-quality medical care to citizens and many other vital problems”.

Igor KRASNOV noted that people regard the prosecution service as an authority that can protect their rights and recover the rule of law free, without lengthy procedures.

Addressing the participants of the Conference the Prosecutor General emphasized that among the priorities of supervision there is asserting the rights of the least protected representatives of blue-collar professions and general observance of labour legislation, for example, in labour safety, fair and timely payment for work. In the same context great attention is paid to the protection of rights of small and medium businesses.

Unfortunately, environmental problems have become more and more pressing with every passing year. People are concerned about air pollution, especially in large industrial cities, quality of drinking water, compliance with ecological and sanitary requirements for collection and management of waste. All these spheres are covered with supervision check-ups.

Igor KRASNOV said: “The observance of the rule of law in specially protected natural areas is under the close scrutiny of prosecutors. Among them is a truly world-class pearl – Lake Baikal, the largest reservoir of pure fresh water.

Based on our claims, the courts issued decisions on dismantling illegal buildings near the lake, prohibiting the implementation of works that pollute the reservoir itself and the protected coastal strip”.

The Russian Prosecutor General drew the attention of the participants of the Conference to the fact that most environmental problems are transnational in nature and lead to negative consequences on a global scale. Therefore, joining efforts in this area is especially important.

As Igor KRASNOV noted: “The agenda also includes the issue of cybercrime. Taking into account modern realities, it was simply impossible to ignore it.

The development of information technologies against the background of the coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosive growth in this type of criminal activities worldwide”.

In Russia, the number of crimes committed using information and communication technologies has increased to a scale that makes it possible to speak of them as a threat to national security.

The problem of the darknet (the shadow network of the Internet) is extremely acute; its closed nature is often used as a screen for crimes. With the use of this resource, drugs and weapons are trafficked, child pornography is distributed, instructions on committing crimes and other illegal information are contained.

“Significant security risks include crimes of an extremist and terrorist nature. Many of them are also committed with the use of IT technologies, are becoming more and more organized, and the persons involved in them are integrating into international criminal organizations”, Igor KRASNOV said.

Concluding his speech, Igor KRASNOV invited the participants of the Conference to start their work, which will last for two days.

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