A Russian national who had been wanted for a murder for more than 20 years was extradited from Italy to Russia

At the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation, the competent authorities of the Italian Republic extradited the citizen of the RF Moris (Boris) Dzhugashvili (Tsiklauri) to Russia.

He is accused of committing a crime provided for by Article 105 (1) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder).

According to the investigation, in June 1999, in Novopavlovsk, Stavropol Region, Dzhugashvili (Tsiklauri), due to personal animosity, during a quarrel, stabbed the victim with a knife not less than 5 times, who died from the injuries at the scene.

After that, Dzhugashvili (Tsiklauri) fled from the law enforcement authorities. A measure of restriction in the form of detention was selected for him, and he was placed on the international wanted list.

Trying to evade the criminal liability, the accused changed the second name from Dzhugashvili to Tsiklauri and the first name – from Moris to Boris, which was established by operative services.

Only in 2019, Dzhugashvili (Tsiklauri), who was wanted for committing an especially grave crime, was detained in the territory of Italy, in Bologna, in connection with which the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation requested his extradition.

Due to the coordinated actions and the organized close interaction with the competent authorities of the Italian Republic, it was possible to reach the decision on his extradition.

Moris (Boris) Dzhugashvili (Tsiklauri) was delivered to Moscow accompanied by a special convoy.


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