Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, has taken part in the 31st meeting of the Coordination Council of Prosecutors General of the CIS Member States (CCPG)
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Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, has taken part in the 31st meeting of the Coordination Council of Prosecutors General of the CIS Member States which is being held in Nur-Sultan that is the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting was attended by the delegations of the Prosecutor General’s Offices of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as representatives of the CCPG Secretariat, the CIS Executive Committee and the International Association of Prosecutors.

This year is a year of the Russian presidency. In his capacity as the CCPG Chairman, Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, addressed the members of the Coordination Council with his greetings.

He noted that the world community was concerned about the events in Afghanistan. The concern was raised, in particular, by a threat of the flow of refugees, the intensification of the activities of terrorist groups, the growth of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs through the neighboring states. At the same time, the Russian Prosecutor General expressed confidence that the joint efforts of the CCPG members would be able to minimize risks, ensure the strengthening of law and order, and the protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens of the CIS States.

Igor Krasnov recalled that 2021 is a year of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States and congratulated the attendees on the significant date and drew attention to the fact that the difficult tests passed over the years had demonstrated a focus on the strengthening of traditionally friendly relations, mutual respect and a desire to coordinate interstate efforts pertaining to building strong barriers to transnational crime together with all the CIS specialized structures.

Cheol-Kyu Hwang, President of the International Association of Prosecutors, who took part in the CCPG meeting as a guest of honor, made a welcoming speech as well.

During the event the exchange of best practices in various areas of procuratorial activities was carried out. The participants of the meeting paid special attention to the consideration of issues pertaining to the state of crime in the CIS space, implementation of cooperation programmes of the CIS Member States, as well as the practice of countering corruption, work to protect human and civil rights and freedoms, and the implementation of international treaties in the field of combating crime.

In his speech, Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, presented information on the subject of “Experience of supervisory activities of the Prosecution Service of the Russian Federation in the field of ensuring environmental safety and protecting the rights of citizens to a healthy environment” and drew attention to the fact that these issues had been included in the number of strategic national priorities within the new National Security Strategy approved by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Igor Krasnov emphasized that while carrying out these tasks, the bodies of the Prosecution Service were playing a key role, annually suppressing about 300 thousand violations of laws in the ecological sphere.

He said that one of the most worrying topics for Russians was the state of legality in the sphere of production and consumption waste turnover. The supervisory support of the activities of the national project “Ecology” contributed to the launch of 13 facilities for sorting and processing waste with a capacity of more than 1 million tonnes in 2021.

Furthermore, the Russian Prosecutor General pointed to the systematic organization of supervision over compliance with the laws while using underground resources, and to the facts that the deviation from licensing conditions, illegal mining of natural resources were being suppressed, and more than 1300 facilities had been brought into conformity with the environmental laws, including coal mines, oil and natural gas fields, groundwater wells.

According to the head of the Russian supervisory authority, the implementation of forestry laws was in the area of special control. Close attention of prosecutors has been focused on ensuring the protection of atmospheric air as well. Supervision was exercised over the implementation of water supply laws. As a result of the procuratorial response, in many regions enterprises installed treatment facilities, vacated illegally occupied and built-up shorelines, and compensated for the damage inflicted as a result of water pollution.

In conclusion, Igor Krasnov emphasized that the Russian President paid close attention to addressing the environmental problems; and the Prosecutor General’s Office was handling a number of his instructions concerning a wide range of issues; and the observance of laws in specially protected natural areas, while extracting aquatic biological resources, the wildlife preservation and other relevant topics were among them. The Russian Prosecutor General said, ‘Such interest at the highest level is a guarantee of environmental safety for present and future generations.’

The Russian Prosecutor General also drew his colleagues’ attention to the pronounced transnational nature of environmental problems, the prevention of which should be carried out together. He referred to the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as an example, ‘We are all passengers on the same ship called Earth, and therefore, there is nowhere to get on and off.’ Igor Krasnov called on his colleagues to develop cooperation more actively, noting that the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation was always open for productive cooperation and exchange of experience pertaining to supervisory activities.


By the decision of the 31st meeting of the Coordination Council, Igor Krasnov, Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, was reelected as the CCPG Chairman for the next year. The participants of the meeting approved the proposal to hold the 32nd CCPG meeting in the Republic of Belarus in 2022.


Igor Krasnov thanked his colleagues for their confidence and for his reelection as the Chairman of the Coordination Council for the next year 2022. Igor Krasnov said, ‘As my first instruction to the new Executive Secretary, I propose to work out joint additional measures to ensure the protection of our territories from terrorists, drug traffickers and other criminal elements infiltrating from Afghanistan under the guise of refugees, within two months with the participation of all our prosecutors.’

In his closing remarks, Igor Krasnov, CCPG Chairman, highlighted the approval, during the event, of the CCPG Plan for the implementation of the CIS Cooperation Program pertaining to strengthening border security at external borders for 2021–2025. He expressed confidence that the CCPG participation in the practical implementation thereof would contribute to the successful solution of the tasks set and ensure an increase in the protection of states and peoples from cross-border crimes, including the actual threats arising from the territory of Afghanistan.

The Russian Prosecutor General expressed his sincere gratitude to his colleagues, Prosecutors General of the CIS Member States, for the development of cooperation in the international legal sphere within the framework of the Coordination Council.

The Russian Prosecutor General reminded his colleagues about the three hundred years anniversary of the Russian Prosecution Service, which would be celebrated in January 2022. Igor Krasnov noted, ‘I will be glad to see each of you among the guests at the festive events.’ 

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