Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov held bilateral meetings with heads of delegations from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Belize, Palestine and Bosnia and Herzegovina
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On the threshold of celebration of 300 Years Anniversary of the Russian Prosecution Service Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov had bilateral meetings with heads of delegations from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Belize, Palestine and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which came to participate in ceremonial events.

During the meeting with Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russian Prosecutor General noted that the Russian-Iranian relations have a long-standing history and multidimensional nature. These relations are supported and developed by the efforts of Presidents of both countries.

Igor Krasnov attracted attention to special topicality of combating cybercrime, illicit turnover of cryptocurrency, legalization of the proceeds from crime, financing of terrorism, illegal migration and smuggling of narcotic drugs. In order to unite the efforts in this direction, a possibility of creation of the Russian-Iranian working group in combating corruption will be examined.

Moreover, in connection with possible increase of crime in the context of complicated situation in the Central Asia, the head of the Russian supervision authority proposed to coordinate the activity of law enforcement authorities and to exchange best practices to effectively respond the existing threats.

Welcoming Attorney General of Belize Magali Marine Young, Prosecutor General of Russian stressed out the progressive nature of relations between the authorities. In particular, last year prosecutor’s services of Russia and Belize signed cooperation agreement and cooperation program, which have already been used in practice. “Their implementation would become an important milestone of our joint route aimed at consolidation of efforts on combating transnational crime – said Igor Krasnov, - that is especially important in the context of new emerging threats and challenges”.

In accordance with the joint events program, the authorities will exchange best practices on strategically important issues: fight against environmental crimes, corruption, cybercrime, including illicit turnover of cryptocurrency and dissemination of terrorist ideas in the Internet.

“One of the most important directions of our cooperation is the implementation of measures aimed at search, seizure and confiscation of the proceeds from crime” – Prosecutor General of Russia noted.

Igor Krasnov assured his foreign colleague that cooperation will not be limited to the topics, provided for in the signed documents. “Russian prosecutor’s service is always ready for an open dialogue and cooperation on the widest range of prosecutorial activity issues. These are the protection of minors’ rights, protection of investments and any other spheres where the rights and legitimate interests of citizens, entities and state might be violated” – head of the Russian supervision authority said.        

During the meeting with Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina Josip Grubeša Russian Prosecutor General noted that cooperation between the two states is characterized by multidimensional character and progressive dynamic, evidenced by prompt realization of arrangement on rapid finalization of the work on the draft document on interagency cooperation. Igor Krasnov attracted attention to constructive nature of expert consultations on coordination of interagency protocol, held in Sarajevo.

Russian Prosecutor General expressed his confidence that the forthcoming signing of the arrangement will favor further development of interagency, but also interstate relations in legal sphere for effective protection of rights of citizens and consolidation of efforts to combat transnational crime.

“In the modern world, suffering from the pandemic, we can witness unprecedented global increase of malware cyberactivity, concealment and legalization of the proceeds from crime with the use of cryptocurrency, domestic violence. And all these lead to the new chain of criminal threats, which can be fought only together” – Igor Krasnov underlined.

Russian Prosecutor General assured foreign colleague of the striving to multidimensional deepening of the Russian-Bosnian-Herzegovinian relations and in the readiness for an open dialogue.

Greeting Attorney General of Palestine Akram Al-Khateeb, Igor Krasnov traditionally noted trusting and friendly nature of the Russian-Palestinian relations: “In this connection it is especially important to fully use the potential of development and deepening of contacts”.

Head of the Russian supervision authority said that practical implementation of the Memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the two countries, signed in 2013, is of priority.

Igor Krasnov attracted attention of his foreign colleague to the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia was the author of the draft convention on combating information crime, submitted to the UN special committee. Document provides for comprehensive approach on combating cybercrimes: not only fishing and use of ransomware, but also combating the increase of activity of extremist and terrorist organizations in the Internet, inducing the Darknet, dissemination of content that has a negative impact on the youth, trafficking in narcotic drugs, arms and falsification of medical drugs.

Russian Prosecutor General underlined that the Russian party is ready to discuss proposals on organization of mutually beneficial cooperation.

In the coming days a series of new meetings with representatives of foreign delegations is to be conducted.

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